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Vassilikos areas


Panagia of Pounta has existed since 16th century with a remarkable  size of property and a lot of offerings which later came to Sava Romantza a priest of Zakynthos. The devastation though came later  from the raids of pirates.

In 1682, Leon Moskos built the church of Estavromenos.


Ierolimina Sava Romantza built at the port of Gerakas a church and a tower dedicated to Saint Ire. Both churches belong to the family Gaspiraki.


In the Port of Vasilikos there was also the church of Saint Nicholas which was shattered by an older earthquake and was later rebuilt.


Ami , Vondina, Gerakas are older toponyms of this Cape of Gerakas with the fabulous cliffs and the golden sand. Owner of this Cape was Ioannis Gerakas.

From the pit of the Cape famous psamolithi stones came out that many churches, mansions andá walls of the castle are made of.

At the east of Gerakas, location of Xera, an ancient temple is sunk. The tradition says that Vasilikos took the name from this temple. Many people claim that from this location you can see the ruins and the columns of the ancient building in the bottom of the sea after it had sunk during an earthquake.


The region of Xirocastelo from the middle ages up to the mid of the 18th century suffered many disasters from the raids of pirates. There were two very old monasteries in the area. The monastery of Virgin Mary and the monastery of the holy Trinity which was built in the beautiful wooden forest the property of the monastery of Strofades and Saint Dionisios. This famous wood starts from a gully and goes up to a very high pointed rock.

Cypress and pine trees cover all the area and it is known as Logos Agiou.

This beautiful piece of nature was completely destroyed and the trees cut down by the troops of the German occupation.

Nature is however more powerful than man so the trees started growing again and now they are as big and beautiful as before.

In Xirocastelo there were some important churches, Saint John the Baptist of Seras and Agioi Apostoloi of Kapsokefalou.

Some of the oldest locations of Xirocasteloá are Glines, Holy Cave, Kaminia, Kareri and Tsi Grias to Pidima.

At the coast of Xirocastelo there is the grave of the Greek-Russian poet-lawyer and patriot Petros Kapnisis.